Women: The Present And The Future Of Humanitarian Aid

During frontline emergencies and conflict situations, humanitarian aid workers provide humanitarian aid to over half a million people. Women play a crucial part (40%) in improving health, providing access to clean…

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5 Laws every Woman should know about!

In India, crimes against women occur every minute. Women are not safe in their homes, public spaces, or the workplace. Given the high amount of crimes committed against women, women must understand the laws in…

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Indian Women can add $770 Billion to India's GDP by 2025

Efforts to promote gender equality have come a long way in gaining attention and inducing change. But the terminus to this change is still very far. Gender equality has several layers of complexity and we…

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Indian Women at the Tokyo Olympics 2020

According to BBC's recent survey to study what Indians think about women in sports. It was seen that as many as 64% of Indian adults did not participate in any kind of sport…

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Why Menstrual Hygiene is important?

88% of Indian women don't use the most basic form of menstrual protection available in the market.

Have you ever imagined not having access to proper toilets or running water during your periods? Or not…

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