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After the death of the first twin, this Mother has nothing left to save her other infant

"We did everything right but couldn't save our baby girl out of the twins. How did this happen? It's all my fault"

Safiya breaks into tears.

Safiya can't bear to see her second twin (boy) with the tubes and nozzles that covering his face. This is the first-time mother has been spending her nights and days blaming herself. She is praying with all her heart, but the only thing that can save her baby's life is proper NICU care and prayers.

A month ago, twin infant of Safiya and Faizan got admitted to Aster Aadhar Hospital Neonatal ICU due to extremely low birth weight of their babies. The happiest moment in their life became the most terrifying when the doctors told them about their twins condition.

Baby I weighted 1.140kg and Baby II weighted 950grams and required NICU care for more 25 days. But after 3 weeks Baby 1 - girl stopped responding to the treatment on 12.07.2019.

"In the NICU when I stand beside him; he looks so weak. Seeing him lying there with all those tubes and machines, I just... I just cry. Sometimes I wish he hadn’t been born"
- Safiya

Safiya is a housewife, and Faizan, her husband, is just an electrician and has put everything on the line to save their precious twins life. But he failed...

The hospital has estimated the cost of Rs. 600,000 /- (Six Lakhs) for the NICU expenses to save the second baby. Their son desperately and 24X7 requires NICU stay. They have used up almost their life savings to keep their son in the NICU so long.

With your help, these parents can save their baby

If you don't think this family should be going through so much pain, then you can make a difference by donating now. They can save their son only with your support. Your help can give this family a happy life.

Kindly also share the fundraiser with your family and friends and help them to reach the goal. We will be grateful for your help!

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Baby of Safiya

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