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Extremely Premature Baby Fighting With Multiple Illnesses

"I did everything that doctors told me - strict bed rest, drink plenty of water. I was given injections to avoid preterm contractions, but then too I lost my 6 children. I again gave birth to a premature baby on my 8th Pregnancy. From the first day, everything went downhill. We haven’t been able to hold him in our arms to give him warmth and love."

Inderwati, Mother of the premature baby
All the organs are underdeveloped, and the baby is extremely low weight

Ravinder and Inderwati were depressed after the death of their 6 babies. It was during her 7th month of pregnancy when Inderwati's cervix opened. The baby entered in their life with a severe respiratory condition and was rushed to the NICU.

The baby is suffering from appropriate for gestational age (AGA), very low birth weight (VLBW), respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), and Hyaline membrane disease (HMD) a condition that causes babies to need extra oxygen and help to breathe. The doctor has suggested Medical Care with respiratory support for the child. The cost estimated for his medical care and respiratory support is Rs. 4,60,000/- (Four Lakhs Sixty Thousand Only).

There is hope for this baby, but his parents are struggling financially. Ravinder and Inderwati are struggling to save their baby. The extremely preemie baby is fighting with multiple illnesses. Ravinder who works as a laborer and earns Rs.8,000/- per month has exhausted all his savings. He is slowly losing his hope and fears he might lose this child as well.

Why should you support?

Your support can help these poor parents to save their child. His birth is supposed to be a happy occasion but their life swept them into this nightmare. Funds raised through this fundraiser will help to keep their baby alive. Your support will ensure that this baby has a chance to grow up and live a good life.

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₹ 4,60,000

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Baby of Inderwati

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