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Ration Kits Distribution

Child Help Foundation works at the grassroots level to uplift the lives of the underprivileged citizens of India. Our main objective is to make the best of available resources and continue working towards the betterment of people’s health and well-being.

The pandemic and its implications are said to have increased the poverty levels in India. India’s middle class may have shrunk by a third due to 2020’s pandemic-driven recession, while the number of poor people — earning less than ₹150 per day — more than doubled.

Many of the hardest-hit come from India’s merchant class, the shopkeepers, stall operators, or other small entrepreneurs who often live off the books of a major company. Most poor families in India live on a hand-to-mouth basis, not knowing what their next meal is going to be like. The pandemic has aggravated this situation as many people, especially daily wage laborers, have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. Hundreds of families, across various economic classes, have lost their main breadwinners, causing immense pressure on the other members, who are usually children and women.

Households have coped by reducing food intake, borrowing, and selling assets. The borrowing of food among the urban poor has lead to a decrease in the nutritional quantity and quality of the foods they consume.

To support the needy, throughout the pandemic period, CHF’s mission has been to make essential resources available to them. CHF distributes Ration Kits to needy families and individuals with essential materials like food grains, salt, sugar, basic spices, cooking oil, and soaps. This distribution usually takes place on a community level, aiding many families all at once. We plan to reach and support as many people as possible, to take care of the needy.

CHF wants to make sure that maximum people receive the help and support they need. We need your help through little contributions in accomplishing our goal. Make a donation and help us reach the neediest!


On 2nd October, CHF volunteers visited Ms. Rashmi from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, and gave her a Ration Kit to support her sustenance in these tough times. CHF also distributed a Ration Kit to Mr. Dushyant, a senior citizen from Aligarh, to help him support his family survive in a dignified manner.


CHF visited Mrs. Vaishali's house at Elphinstone Road, Mumbai to distribute a Ration Kit consisting of essential food materials and other items of everyday use. Mrs. Vaishali is a senior citizen who lives alone, with nobody to support her.


CHF distributed a Ration Kit along with Baby food to Ms. Saranya from Kormangala, Bengaluru. Out of a total of 8 members in the family, nobody does earn enough to support them all, especially the children. Saranya's husband too lost his job due to the pandemic. To support the family and provide them with the required nutrition, CHF came forward to help.


CHF distributed about 700 masks and 10 liters worth of liquid sanitizer to the school principal of the Bhopoli Ashram Shala for the students.


CHF supported Mrs. Maya, a senior citizen living in Aligarh, with no income support.


Our volunteers gave a ration kit to Mrs. Kamladevi, whose family was struggling in the pandemic.


Volunteers from CHF visited an underprivileged community at Bhiwandi, Maharashtra. To help them fight against the virus, we distributed Face Maks to around 200 beneficiaries from the area. Wearing masks is one of the primary safety measures one can take these days to stay safe.


CHF supported Miss Pinky from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Her family was suffering to make ends meet due to her husband's low income. Unfortunately, she couldn't chip in as she is a housewife. CHF helped the family by providing them with a Ration Kit including essential raw food materials like grains, salt, sugar, and lentils.


CHF distributed Ration Kits to 135 transgenders and widows from the Bharatpur Kinner Basti, Sampur Baramunda, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. They form one of the more vulnerable sections of society and need support for sustenance. CHF feels proud to be able to reach the needy across various spectrums.


Under our Emergency Relief Work to help individuals affected by the COVID-19, Child Help Foundation reached out to the residents of Dhar Road, Nut Colony slum of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. On 7th August, we provided Ration Kits to 200 beneficiaries with everyday food grains and other essential items like soaps, masks, and sanitizers.


On 31st July, CHF reached out to Miss Archana Devi, who lives in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. During the pandemic, she was helpless with no source of income to support her and her family's life. CHF gave her a Ration Kit including essential food grains, salt, sugar, dal, soaps, and cooking oils.


On 28th July, volunteers from CHF visited the transgender community living near Kalinga Studios, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. We distributed Ration Kits consisting of food grains, spices, essential condiments, cooking oils, and soaps. The community was going through many difficulties since the pandemic began and our Ration Kits will support about 90 beneficiaries.


On 22nd July, our team helped Mr. Ajaj Shaikh from Nalasopara, who had requested our assistance through social media.


On 22nd July, we also visited Miss Anita's family, from Kandivali, and supported them by giving them a Ration Kit.


On 22nd July, our team went to the house of Miss Chhaya, from Kandivali, and provided them with a Ration Kit.


On 21st July, CHF distributed a Ration Kit to the family of Miss Arati, who lives in Kandivali, to help her feed her children so they don't sleep hungry.


On 21st July, Child Help Foundation distributed Ration Kits to an underprivileged community from the Mumbai Central area. This donation was done along with the Tech Mahindra Foundation, as their CSR Activity.


With the aim to bring smiles and to spread joy among children, in these grim times, on 20th July, CHF's volunteers visited the Bola Nagar and Shivam Nagar communities of Bhayander. We distributed tetra packs of ITC's B-Natural juices among 700 children belonging to economically underprivileged families.


On 10th July 2021, CHF reached out to Ms. Damyanti, a widow from Kandivali, Mumbai. She has no source of income. The Ration Kit was given in the hopes of helping the family in need.


On 9th July 2021, CHF supported the family of Mr. Ravindra, who lives in Vikhroli, Mumbai, by giving them a ration kit.


On 3rd July, CHF provided ration kits to 200 beneficiaries from the Dalit Community in Naya Basera, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.


On 30th June, CHF supported Miss Rajwanti from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Her family has no source of income. We provided them with a Ration Kit including essential food grains, soaps, and cooking oils.


On 29th June, our volunteers reached out to Miss Pushpa from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Pushpa is a widow and has the responsibility to take care of her two children. By providing her with Ration Kits, CHF aimed to reduce her burden by helping her to feed her family.


The residents of Souhrdam Colony, Chethicode P.O., Kerala, were suffering due to the lockdown protocols and other repercussions brought by the second wave of the virus. Most of the adults are either senior citizens with no income source or daily wage laborers, who are out of jobs due to the pandemic. Child Help Foundation supported 200 individual beneficiaries by providing them with Ration Kits including Rice, Pulses, Oil, Sugar, Salt, Spices, Tea powder, and Flour.


On 28th June, CHF distributed Ration Kits to Mr. Bhupesh and his family who live in Mumbai Central, Maharashtra. The family has no source of income and was seeking help.


CHF reached out to Ms. Deepa, a housewife with no source of income. Our team went to her residence in Mumbai Central to help her and her family by providing them with a Ration Kit.


On 26th June, Child Help Foundation distributed Free Ration and Food Packets to the needy citizens from the slums of Zakir Nagar, Delhi. These distributions supported the lives of 320 beneficiaries.


On 25th June, CHF provided Ration Kit to Ms. Shivani Gupta, a resident of the Kandivali East area in Mumbai. Her father was the only earning member in the family but has unfortunately been out of a job for a year now, due to which the family's income has been affected.


On 24th June, CHF supported Mr. Sayed Abbas, who has lost the ability to hear and speak. Our volunteers reached out to his family in Mumbra and provided them with a Ration Kit.


CHF supported Ms. Shaizan, a single parent, from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Her family was taken care of by giving them a Ration Kit with essential food grains, lentils, cooking oils, and soaps.


In partnership with St. Michael's Church, Child Help Foundation reached out to 13 needy individuals from Kurla, Mumbai, and distributed Ration Kits.


CHF reached out to Mr. Amaan from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. He was one of the thousands of people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Our team gave them a Ration Kit to support his family, hoping to make their lives a little better.


CHF supported Mr. Amit Parat from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh by providing him and his family with Ration Kits. He does not have any means of income and thus, his family was going through a tough time


CHF provided Ration Kits to 520 beneficiaries from Alukholanga Village in Jagatsinghapur District of Odisha, to help fight the problems brought by COVID-19 and the lockdown guidelines.


In partnership with Maa Uma Devi Mehtar Social Multi-Purpose Development Organization, CHF distributed Ration Kits to 50 families of the Buldana district in the Amravati region of Maharashtra.


Ms. Kanchan and her family had no source of income since she lost her job as domestic help. CHF helped her family by providing them with a Ration Kit.


Ms. Vanita, a domestic help from Sion, one of our beneficiaries, was provided with a Ration Kit.


An individual woman from Delhi contacted a CHF volunteer, asking for support. Both her parents, who worked as domestic help and daily wage laborer, lost their jobs due to COVID-19. CHF provided the family with Ration Kits including Rice, Atta, Dal, Sugar, and Salt.


CHF reached out to Miss Darshana, who is a housewife and lives in Jogeshwari, Mumbai. Her husband is a laborer, and his work was halted by the pandemic. the family had no source of income at all. CHF gave them a Ration Kits with all essential food items to support them.

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