It was a pleasure running for Child Help Foundation  

- Ms. Kalpana Rana, AMCO
  It is an honor and privilege to help the orphaned children of India in our own small way. I wish a day will come when there will be no unloved, orphaned, uncared for child in our society. God Bless you for the noble work you are doing for not only India and its children, but to humanity as well.   

- Dr Viswanathan Gopalan
  The undersigned here by take immense pleasureto introduce self as a staff of Child help foundation. The undersigned is working with CHF from past three months, though a short span of association, but has a bonding with the organisation, CHF as an organisation is truly committed towards their vision and mission of intervening with varied innovative activity for the holistic development of underprivileged, disadvantage and deprived children. With best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

- Satej Daniel Dhiwar, Sr.Project Manager,Child Help Foundation, Mumbai
  Joined Child Help Foundation in February 2015. After having experience of more than 20 years in accounts with different companies, this is my first time experience with an NGO. I find this environment very friendly and am very happy to work with an organization which is working for the well being of underprivileged children.  

- Biju Nair, Sr. Accounts Manager
  With an experience of 16 years in the social field, I am passionate about working with Child Help Foundation. When I see the broad smile on faces of underprivileged children I feel the success of my life. By serving in CHF, I directly influence the weaker section of the society which is extremely rewarding to my heart. We at CHF are creating a positive change and that’s a great source of mental peace. Everyone is the child of god and I love to serve these children. I enjoy working with people and believe in volunteerism and the potential to channelize the volunteer resource.  

- Kavita Kisla, Project Manager
  My name is Ranjana Sarkar was born in Amritsar, where I grew up in a defence family. After high school, I joined Mumbai University where I studied Bachelor in Commerce. I am a go getter and don’t let anything come in my way. If I set my mind toward achieving something I push it until I have my goals. I am passionate about making a difference and have a desire to give back to the society and volunteering is the first step I can take towards bringing about a positive change, But that’s not the only reason-volunteering also helps build self esteem to make myself better and truly feel that I am making a contribution to society. I feel working with Child Help Foundation is giving me a chance to work for the positive change in the lives of children, imparting them the basic primary education, medical support and basic necessities which I believe is the right of every single child. We are lucky to have got a chance to prove ourselves in the society and give a thought towards the underprivileged children to be someone which they dreamed off.  

- Ranjana Sarkar, Secretary to CEO
  Myself Sanjana Dabre working with Child Help Foundation since May 2014. I completed my BSW from Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work. I like to work with Children. CHF supports underprivileged children and brings smiles on their faces, They are doing great work for needy and neglected children, so like to work with this foundation. I thank Child Help Foundation for giving me this opportunity.  

- Sanjana Dabre, Projects Co-ordinator
  Prior to Child Help Foundation, I was working with a textile company, I had no NGO experience due to which I was nervous initially. But the working environment of Child Help Foundation is very good and all staff and management are very cooperative and friendly nature. Ultimately My experience with this foundation is very good. and I am enjoying working here.  

- Ajay Mishra - Accountant
  Myself Shravani Utekar working with Child Help Foundation since last two years for educating underprivileged community children for their upliftment. I being a Teacher love to work with Child Help Foundation and support in the upliftment of rural and tribal community.  

- Shravani, Supporting Teacher
  My self Mrs. Rajshree Nair is working as an ‘Accountant’ in Child Help Foundation from June’15 onwards. This is my first opportunity in last 15 years of my career to work for a NGO and i feel very happy to be part of a organisation who is working for betterment of underprivileged community specially children’s.
I’m very thankful to the trustees for giving me this opportunity.

Whole heartedly i wish Child Help Foundation all the success in near future.  

- Rajshree P Nair

Supporter of Child Help Foundation
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